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Monday, March 11, 2013

Second Annual "Original Shorts" Staged Readings, May 3-5, 2013

Theatre du Mississippi will complete their second annual playwriting competition with staged readings of the four wining plays on May 3, 4, and 5. Last year’s readings displayed four compelling short plays; I find myself thinking of a couple of them frequently, nearly a year after seeing them. I expect that this year’s production will be just as intriguing.

This year’s contest restricted entries to residents in the tri-state area of Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Iowa. Writers from the three states submitted 60 scripts.

The four winners will be featured in the staged readings.


  • “In Memory of a Russian Playwright”
    Larry Greenstein, Minneapolis, Minn.
  • “Heretics”
    Richard Zinober, Moorhead, Minn.*
  • “Condemned”
    Greg Freier, Norwalk, Iowa

  • “Siren” Daryl Lanz, Winona, Minn.

Receiving Honorable Mention are the following:

  • “Change of Plans”
    Frances Edstrom, Winona
  • “Shadows”
    Greg Freier, Norwalk, Iowa
  • “Monkey Play”
    Rand Higbee,
  • “Sister Thimble”
    Levi K. Smith
  • “Betwixt”
    Tom Deiker

Other scripts reaching the final round of competition are:

  • “Hot Potato”
    Emilio DeGrazia, Winona
  • “The Meeting”
    Greg Freier
  • “Cold Water Knocking”
    Kevin Drzakowski
  • “Birds of Prey”
    Jacob Wrich
  • “Osama High”
    Greg Abbott
  • “End Around Sideways”
    Greg Freier
*“Heretics” was written with support of an individual artist grant from the Lake Region Arts Council in Fergus Falls.

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